Monday, November 7, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of the Year...With Tiny Prints!

Have you ever heard of Tiny Prints? If not, you're missing out! Today I stumbled upon their site in search of some ideas for our Christmas cards this year, and boy do I have my work cut out for many options! They're not your go to source for just holiday cards, they also carry baby announcements, birthday invitations, photo stationary, address labels, and even photo books!
I'm super excited about Tiny Prints Holiday selection, and I can't wait to start my search for the perfect card to send out :) I'm currently in the process of getting our family portraits captured and I'm going to need just the right card to accompany our picture.

I'm really loving the Circle Card Ornament option! What better way to be to display your cards then on your Tree. This is their Dream Damask, it's so sophisticated, yet simple! Definitely in my top list

I know a lot of people are into documenting their year together or just the holiday season, how about the Christmas Letter as an option. I'm lovin' this idea of a Tri-fold card!!

What about the flip card! Who doesn't love a little twirl for the holidays? The Christmas Chambray Card is a beauty.

Don't forget to order your Return Address Labels, tons of options to choose from...even ones to match your Holiday Card! I'm still lovin' the Dream Damask!

Also, may I suggest their free Mailing Service, all you do is pay the cost of stamps and your return address labels ($.35). With the hustle and bustle of the season, this may take the stress away and your cards arrive to their recipients on time! No worries of seeing those cards still sitting on your kitchen counter at New Years :)

And for those of us who like to go Rummage shopping or if you happen to have an old shutter lying around...Paint it a festive color and Display your Tiny Prints cards beautifully! I know my Holiday cards will have a special spot in one of these this season :)

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So what are you waiting for?! Scurry on over to Tiny Prints and take a look around, I know you won't regret it. Tiny Prints has an abundance of options to help you through spreading the cheer this holiday season!

**I was offered 50 free holiday cards in exchange for this post. The opinions, however, are my own. **Would you like to receive 50 free holiday cards? Sign up here

(While you're vising Tiny Prints, don't hesitate to read their story. I found that their explanation on the tiny elephant was truly inspiring! "Tiny things in life are actually the big things in disguise!" I'm happy to endorse this company and I think their service, quality and prices can't be beat)

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