Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

This Monday sure is a gloomy one and it makes for a good day to think about my Not Me's for the past week.

In getting ready for church yesterday, I most certainly did not put on knee high boots with my dress just so I wouldn't have to shave my legs.

With hopes of cleaning the house over the weekend, I did not shove dirty clothes into closets or toys into closets so I could finish sooner. I definitely did not make more work for me to do over the week!

I did not purposely forget to put on sunscreen before or during a playdate out in the sun just because I wanted to get a little last chance summer tan. I tend to tan easier when I burn.

I did not ask (beg) my grandmother to buy Kainen new outfits and shoes just because they're plaid...only because my husand despises plaid anything. I would not do such a thing and I'm definitely not in love with the shoes so much that I want to go back and get a second pair in a bigger size!

I most certainly did not just consume 4, or maybe it was 5, brownies even though I keep complaining about how I'm such a fat girl. I do not know that they will most likely be all gone by tomorrow evening.

I'm not hugely excited about taking Kainen to see the Imagination Movers on Wednesday...I am definitely not a fan of Mover Rich. I'm most certainly not a fan of anything kid oriented, anything that gets you singing and dancing to the music. I'm a grown up!

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