Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up

It's been a very crazy but fun couple of days and last week was loaded with lots of fall activities and getaways. Kainen and I headed to Charleston last Wednesday for him to see the Imagination Movers, boy was that a fun show. He got to meet each one and even got their autographs. I wish you could've been there to see the smile on his face, the laughs in his belly and the shaking through his bones. My little boy was so happy when they came out that he literally shook with joy and laughter, it was the cutest thing! He had a blast and I enjoyed seeing him so happy!
While we were in Charleston, we had lots of fun things planned. We checked out their local hockey team play their season opener, and we won! GO RAYS! I miss hockey :-( Columbia no longer has a hockey team, so if we need a hockey fix...we have to head down to Charleston. And by golly...I will!! It's my hometown and I always need a reason to go back :-)
More exciting plans included heading out to the pumpkin patch and the park to play with our friend Sara. I picked Kainen up a fun pumpkin with a cool face and some crazy hair while we were there...and to this day, he calls it an apple. I keep telling him it's a pumpkin, but it seems as if he loves apples more. At the patch, we rode the hayride and were quite impressed with the decor. It was fun and Kainen had a blast there and afterwards at the park!
On our last day in Charleston, we went to the annual Children's day Festival. It's all free and packed with lots of fun things to do. We've gone 3 years now and I hope to make it a tradition, as long as it's still operating. Kainen rode a pony, got his face painted and rode a winding choo choo through the festival. It was a fun day and I can't wait for it again next year!
As exhausting as that week sounds, it technically wasn't over yet. I headed back home Sunday just to pack again and get back on the road to Boone, NC. My husband had orientation for work there and I'm so glad I tagged along. It's a very beautiful place and I hope we get to go back one day to visit some more. While Jason was busy, the kiddo and I set out on Blowing Rock. It was a very pretty sight, surrounded by all the changing leaves and mountains in the distance. Kainen enjoyed his time climbing the rock and playing on the trails and I enjoyed my time with him on our little adventure in Boone!
As much as I keep telling myself it's just doesn't feel like it. I think being in Charleston and then in Boone, it just messed up my week...but in a good way. It still feels like mid week and I can't believe it's almost over. There wasn't so much planned this week, so I guess it was just slowing me down. However, my hubs and I took Kainen to our local pumpkin patch. Yes, that makes for two visits to a patch in less than 5 days :-) I wasn't too impressed with the photos I got at the Charleston patch, I needed a second chance. It was nice that we did it as a family too, it seems as if Jason misses out on a lot with the hours he works. We had fun going through the cornmaze, picking a pumpkin, going on a hayride and playing in the playground and tree farm.
So, it's been crazy here and that's why I haven't been here to blog. I'm going to blog a post for each outing full of pictures :-) I love sharing!

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