Monday, December 28, 2009

Hilarious Outtakes @ i<3Faces

Have you ever tried taking a picture of your child, your family, or a friend and something just not come out right? Maybe your friend was picking something out of their teeth or a family member had their hairpiece a little offcenter & was in the middle of adjusting....or maybe your child was caught picking their nose.
Well, none of those examples I have yet to experience firsthand. :-)
I do have some other, rather hilarious (in my opinion) outtakes of my son that I can share!

We love to take visits to the zoo, and here K got a little startled by the howling monkies. I was aiming for a cute little smile & this is what I got!

K is always a big cheeser and in this picture I was trying to take advantage of him being a ham. Well, if you haven't noticed...that would be a toilet in the background :-) and my niece decided she wanted to flush it. So, in return I got this from K when he heard the flushing sound!

This is my all time favorite outtake of K. My sister let me borrow her new camera & once again I was aiming for a smile. Well, her camera has this fancy flash & he was totally not expecting such a bright light in his face. I laughed for a good five minutes after I saw the shot I got!

Make sure you head over to iHeartFaces & get yourself a good dose of laughter from all the other Hilarious Outtakes!


  1. That is funny!!! Those flashes can be quite a shock to little ones!

  2. He is really sweet Heather! I love your mistake pictures. What a precious baby : ) Here is wishing you a new year filled with tons of opportunities to practice on his precious little face! : )