Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December?? Lookout!!

As fast as December approached, it feels like it's going by quickly already. There's lots of exciting plans that lie ahead. These should get me out of my weak state and in the mood for the holidays. I'm hoping to check out the Christmas parade this weekend. It's a tradition that I hope to continue, no matter where we live. I would like to take K to see the dinos at the State Museum on Sunday, mostly because it's the cheapest day to go. They have dollar days every first sunday of the month, so it's definitely worth it when you throw in the extra four dollars for the dinos. I'm hoping that K doesn't freak out, but even if he does it's not too much money wasted.
Then, next weekend is Christmas Keno with the girls..which I miss too much! I've already bought both the gifts, from Hobby Lobby :-) I love that place and I'm sure the girls who get the gifts will love them too. My niece's 6th birthday party is the next day and she's got a them this year... "Under the Big Top". Let me just mention something real niece has decided that instead of getting gifts this year, she's asked that each child bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. Her birthday actually falls on Christmas Eve, so she gets a ton of presents. Since she's not in need of many new things, she figured this would be a better solution. I am very proud of O and can't wait to celebrate her big day next weekend!
As soon as you know it..Christmas will be here and then New Year's day. I believe we're almost done shopping for K, we just need to get him his big ticket item and some stuff for his stocking. This year was so much easier than last. K has one thing he's interested in, and that's the Disney movie "Cars". It's been fun to shop because we know exactly what to get him. Plus I think it'll make opening presents even more fun, knowing that he'll be gasping with joy over all the Lightning McQueen items...I can't wait!
This year has gone by way too fast for me, but it's been a great year! I'm looking forward to starting a new year with my family and hoping 2009 goes out with a bang (a good one) and that 2010 will be just as great as this year.

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