Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adoption Fundraiser with the Flaglers!

Meet the Flaglers!
Tricia and Matt

I've known this lovely couple since I was in 5th grade, we all went to the same school together and I was in Tricia's sister's class! I would spend many nights at their houses on the weekends, the family is awesome :)
The Flaglers got married in 2007 on July 7 (LUCKY 7-7-7) in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. These two are amazing people! They traveled to Thailand together, before marriage, to teach children. They put their life on hold at home in South Carolina and moved to there for a school year to teach the basics to Thai children. They seem to always put other people before themselves, always praying...hoping...dreaming. Tricia works at a local church as a Ministry Assistant and Matt works with a local Vet Clinic. They are active in their community and are very Christian people!
They deserve to be parents, most definitely. Let's help them reach their goal and their dream of becoming parents. Please visit their site, The Flaglers, and learn more about their journey. They have several fundraisers open at this point. If you're a coffee lover, check out Just Love and purchase some foreign Coffee...maybe some grinds from Africa or the Caribbean! If you're more into personalized items or organization, then you should definitely check out there Thirty One Fundraiser (Mama Tyndall is behind this project). They are also hosting a giveaway on their Blog and Facebook for a photography session with the wonderful Valerie Schooling. To learn more about that giveaway please visit their blog, The Flaglers! If purchasing items is not what you'd like to do, and instead you feel the urge/need to donate money, please don't hesitate to visit their adoption blog and help with their donation goal of $18,000 by donating an amount desired. You will also be able to read a little more about their journey, a little summary on this page!
If you're a blogger and you'd like to help The Flaglers out but are not financially able to, please just spread the word about this amazing couple. They deserve to feel the happiness and pure joy of being a parent!

**Tricia and Matt, I wish you the best of luck and love in your adoption journey. May God bless you both with a bundle of joy in the coming year. You are both loved very much by family and friends. I believe in you both!! Love ALWAYS

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Heather! As for Thailand, we actually went there for about a year, after we had been married for a year! :)