Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iHeartFaces~ At the Beach

This week over at iHeartFaces the theme is At the Beach. Being the fact that we uprooted our family earlier this year AWAY from the beach, it was nice to go back and reminisce. The sand between my toes, the sounds of the waves crashing, fun with Kainen in the sun, and romantic walks on the beach with the hubby. OH! How I miss the beach. <3<3

On one particular trip, Kainen was a very observant little boy. He was fascinated by all of the beached items. He stopped at every little thing and checked each one out. He stumbled upon a little crab and played with the hermit for a good 5 minutes. He was in awe, I believe, at how tiny and fast it was.

I chose this picture as my entry because I just love the attention he gave the little creature, ever so gently nudging him to the ocean! I also like the shadow that was produced of Kainen on a very beautiful, sunny day at the beach.

Head on over to www.iheartfaces.com to check out all of the At the Beach entries this week!

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