Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Flaglers! Spreading the News Part 2

Back again to spread the news about the Flaglers :)
I shared their story back in January and you can find the original post here!

Tricia and Matt are still on their journey to adoption and they need your help.  There are many more ways you can help them.  They're almost to their halfway point, and every little bit helps!  They recently won 3rd place in a Giveaway with CoupAid. If you're not familiar with CoupAid, the you should check it out! "CoupAid  CoupAide is a fundraising organization dedicated to helping nonprofits raise the funds they need to make a difference. We have partnered with to provide a simple and efficient fundraising platform while giving your supporters a way to save a ton on some of the best restaurants in their town." Right now, you can purchase a $50 coupon from for only $20!  You can visit beforehand and see which places are participating. To help the Flaglers and to purchase a coupon go HERE! Purchasing a coupon through CoupAid also gets you an entry into this amazing giveaway I'm about to share with you :)
The Flaglers are currently offering an iPad2 giveaway in hopes of getting closer to their goal.  By donating $25 you receive 2 entries into the giveaway, $100 gets you $10 entries!  If you are financially able, please donate!  As I've previously said, I've know Tricia for many many years, and as a woman, every one of them deserve the chance to be able to hold a baby in their arms, a little one to call their own :) 
You can follow the Flaglers and learn about the couple and their journey together on their personal blog, Matthew and Tricia . If you're interested in learning more about the current giveaway, iPad 2 fundraiser, make sure you check it out, it's also on their blog.   
If at this time you can't help them out financially, you can definitely spread the word. Prayers, thoughts and love are just as good as monetary donations! 

My many prayers, thoughts, and love to the Flaglers on their journey :)

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