Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello Again World!

I'm back :) Finally! It's been a long 2 weeks since I last blogged. A lot of things have happened since then. I've been without internet (the person we were "borrowing" from must've caught on, lol) and it feels like it's been forever since we've had television. Well, we finally got it set up yesterday! This Mama feels is back in our lives. So, it's time for a catch up for myself and others.
Good things and bad things have happened in the time I was apart from my blog. The last time I wrote was when we were in Chicago. What you all didn't know was the reason why we were there. My husband's favorite Aunt was killed when a semi struck her vehicle the first week of June, so we were in Illinois to pay our respect to the Shults family. It was a mixture of feelings, emotions were running super high that weekend. I was feeling sad for my husband and the loss he's going through, but happy to meet the rest of the Shults' clan and for J to be able to see family he hadn't seen in forever. Some stuff had happened the day of the funeral, tempers flared and things were said. It was a day I'd rather much like to forget now. My husband and I had talked about the big D and more things were said and feelings were hurt. Long story short, things are ok on our home front and actually getting better. Love notes are being left behind on our runs out to work, cuddle time is more frequent, kisses last longer and hugs are tighter. I swear, we love each other so much it hurts some times. And still, through everything we've been through...we're still going strong.

Well, amongst the mist of the big D, my family came to visit; I needed a rock...for I was an emotional wreck. I got to see my grandparents and even my mom stayed behind to visit for a week! During her stay, things between the hubs and I got better. Now, I know all along that my family and some friends are sick of hearing about our problems. Every marriage has their issues, none is perfect...and as it may seem that we have mostly downs, we're working on it. My mother is one of those people who has strong opinions and she will let them be known. As much as she hated me not going back with her, she didn't let her ruin the trip here with us. I enjoyed my time with her and I miss her terribly. I took her to TN this past Thursday to meet up with my grandparents and head back to Sc.....she even took a cute little package with her, Kainen! Yep, that's right...K is in beautiful Carolina while the hubs and I are enjoying our time together, focusing on us. It's what we needed...Thanks Mom! Oh and it gets even better, because when she brings K back, a little pup will come along with him. My yorkie, Gracie will be coming to live with us (I miss my Doodle, we need a furever friend back)!
Another boss quit!! While I took a few days off to gather my emotions and whatnot, I came back to work only to find out that my boss' last day is next week. I'm super sad about this, I love my boss and I really wish she was hanging around. I'm still hoping that I'll be up for the full-time position, as we are still in desperate need of the money. Who knows, too....maybe I could be considered for the Management position, because there is NO ONE interested in our store!! It's going to be a crazy next couple of weeks, while K is away I'm working 3 days a week :( and the hubs is doing 40hrs. I'm hoping to get some scrapping or crafting done with all this free time on my hands. At least now I have tv and internet to entertain me...since my other entertainment is in SC!
Anywho, it's Father's Day here, my hubby received a very thoughtful gift (a snuggie) and we are just lounging around until this afternoon. We are heading to a birthday party for a special little girl. It's a beautiful day out and I'm super stoked to be getting out of the house! Hope every one has a beautiful Sunday. Hug your dads and grandfathers today, tell them how much you love them! Happy Sunday...Happy Father's Day

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