Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

The Undomestic Momma has pitched a good topic today for Top 2 Tuesday. This week is all about the Top 2 Reality Shows you would be on. Now everyone knows that there are a gazillion of them out there! They've practically taken over Night time television. I think I'm not going to be the only one who will have a hard time narrowing that list down! In other words, there may be runner ups and a top 3 & 4 of this topic :)

MY ultimate choice coming in for first pick would definitely be:

Amazing Race Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Who wouldn't want to travel the world with a loved one and doing fun & sometimes absurd tasks all for the chance of $1 million dollars!! With every reality show comes drama and sabotage, and even The Amazing Race doesn't come short in that department. Now if only I could find someone to go on the show with me. Any takers?!?

It was a tough pick but my number 2 slot goes to:

big brother Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been a die hard fan since season 2 and I'd love to be a contestant on Big Brother. I think my only downfall would be that I'm a married woman...therefore, there'd be no flirting my way to the top. (Unless otherwise told by my husband, lol) Once again, you have no lack of drama and sabotage...you add in a little showmance and fun & games, it's a great show!

My other top choices, if there would be a top 10 would be :)
~Wipeout! Hello, making a fool of yourself on TV...why not?!? And who doesn't love the big balls!
~The Mole. I don't know if they're going to bring back this show, but it's awesome. It's like playing detective...however, I think I'd prefer to be the mole; you'd last through the whole game!
~ American Idol. If I could ever just grab that bull by the horns! I've been told several times to audition, but I'm just too shy. My husband (who can sometimes carry a tune) even said he'd audition with me if it'd make me go. Awww....sorry honey, not good enough!
~Dancing with the Stars. If only they had a "Dancing with the Moms" because in no way am I a star. But oh the joys of spray tans, shiny outfits and good looking partners! Sign me up. And hey, it's a great way to lose that unwanted weight :)
~America's Next Top Model. A girl can dream, right? They recently did petite models...now they should do Plus size models...under 6ft of course. I could do some pretty good smizing (Smiling with my eyes, WORK IT) I love the two Jays too, and to work with Tyra. HELLO!! Hint to the network...it's time for us plus size women to shine :)
~The Biggest Loser. Do they take contestants who weigh less than 200lbs? I just need that little push from Jillian and gorgeous Bob and I'll be good. I tell ya, I watch every season with a carton of ice cream by my side...how horrible is that?!?
~What Not To Wear. I could sure use a whole new wardrobe. I'm not one to walk out of the house in sweats and baggy shirts, but I could start if you'd like to nominate me ;)
~Survivor. It's my last choice. I'd freak and probably wouldn't be the survivor. I don't know what I'd do....

There ya have it. I went a little overboard...but might as well throw them all out there!
What are your favorites?

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  1. Im visiting from TTA!
    My pick is the Amazing Race too!
    I would really have to get in shape & run alot beforehand though! I thank you got to have stamina & be able to RUN!!
    I'm now a follower!