Monday, June 28, 2010


Let me start first by saying that with all these blogs I follow, I'm super jealous of almost every one of you! Each one of you has a great quality to yourself as a person and a great eye for design, crafting, etc. It's insane how many of yall are so talented...I'm uber green with envy! Every blog I visit gives me some sort of inspiration, whether it be interior design (because there are some gorgeous looking house out there), crafting, photography, gardening....and then there's the not so materialistic; inspiration on how to become a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and even blogger. You all are inspiring individuals! I can't wait to read these blogs daily.

So since we're keeping up with inspiration, I'm sharing a few things that have inspired me lately. These are things that I currently would love to own, create and do!

We have an entryway into our home and it boasts a very boring, white wall. I've seen a couple of looks that I think would make the wall pop....but only one stood out to me!

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Interior designer Nacho Polo

My plan is to gather a bunch of frames, size and color varying. I'd like to paint them all black or a dark blue (because I'm a spray paintin' queen). The idea I have is to get a collage frame and have that as the main focus and then sort the empty frames around it. I have a framed silhouette of K that will be put in an empty frame, too. There's a bunch of ideas going through my mind...and of course when it all comes together, I'll post a picture. For now, it's searching for the perfect frames, because I have yet to start this project! I'm hoping it doesn't take too long, because if I could..I would buy all the frames in one day. Instead, I'm spreading it out with trips to salvage stores, dollar stores, etc in hopes of finding the perfect frames! Wish me luck :)

With Monogramming being a hot sensation right now, I'm hoping to dust off my Cricut and get hopping on some fun initial items :) It's the season of weddings and babies...something monogrammed would be a great and affordable (not to mention home-made) gift.

I'm sure the list could go on and on, but I have a tendency to go a little overboard....start one thing, go to another and never finish anything. This time, I'm setting my mind to actually finishing a project!

I'm even hoping to open an Etsy Shop soon....Inspiration is a great form of motivation!

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  1. I wish you luck and look forward to your posted pictures showing how it all turned out.

    That said, that hallway does looking amazing, but the lighting and its width has a lot to do with how great it looks. All hallways aren't the same because as amazing as it looks, it wouldn't work in my home.