Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It seems like I've fallen off the blog wagon again. It's been a crazy past two months. Maybe crazy is not the right word, or the only word I should use. I think I may add these: stressful, testing, disappointing, prayer-filled...the list could go on and on! After I wrote my last blog on Compassion, I had no idea that I would experience compassion from a group of strangers later that night. As I headed home from my new favorite store (Hobby Lobby), I got into a car accident. This wasn't just a slight fender bender, my poor Durango was totalled....by a Prius!! Luckily, my little man was still at his grandparents visiting....and God must have known and spared him, because he was due back the day before :) *Got snowed in* I never thought I would ever be in a car accident, I especially didn't think that if and when it happened, it wouldn't be so bad. The Prius hit me from behind and flipped twice, landing back on her four wheels....God was on her side too, she didn't get hit by the 18-wheeler that was behind her. We had tons of help from complete strangers and were met by 5 cops, 2 ambulances, and 2 firetrucks. It was all surreal!! I was lucky enough to be able to get another Durango, newer and much nicer to be exact...and only suffer from a shoulder/neck sprain. I always witness such bad accidents, as a drive by, and pray for the people involved....I wondered, as all the cars and trucks drove by slowly, if they'd have the same compassion for me. I was truly blessed to have a witness who stood by my side the whole time, calming me down and making sure everything was ok. She was even nice enough to take me to my husband's work place after I was cleared to leave the crash site. I walked away with a totalled Durango and a body full of aches, but I'm thankful to be alive.
More craziness followed in the coming weeks. My marriage was put to test, some grown up decisions were made (forced), and I matured in a sense. I learned new things and came to realize that some things need to change. We've made a new commitment to each other and are taking a huge step in the next couple weeks. We've decided to move to Ohio...and I'm a little nervous and excited all at the same time. We're going to have his family around, a lot of them, instead of mine....we're both going to be employed, and we're hoping to take our first shot at being a renter of a home. Wish us luck!

**More or less now, my blog will be updated more frequently to get my family caught up on the happenings of our lives as we embark on a new journey**

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