Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Mountains we will go...

Last week on our trip back to South Carolina, we decided to take a stop at my grandmother's house in Tennessee and have a little mini vacay. Their house, unfortunately, is for sale right now...I had to get one last visit there! The house is right outside of Pigeon Forge, so it's a prime spot for us and other family members to get away to and have some fun. What makes it even better is the fact that Gatlinburg and PF have some great military discounts.
We started off on our adventure Wednesday and headed into Gatlinburg for the day. We stopped for a game of miniature golf at Ripley's was so much fun watching K play. He even scored himself a hole in one, no help involved, on the last hole and won himself a free round of golf :) That was a proud moment! I may have a future Tiger on my hands (minus the transgressions HAHA). Ripley's in one of the awesome attractions that give great discounts to military. We purchased an 8 pack for $35, and it included the Aquarium, Guinness Records Museum, 2 miniature golf places, Mirror Maze, Believe it or Not, Haunted Ride, and the Moving Theater. What makes it even better is the fact that unused tickets are good for a year! I was super excited about going to Guinness, mostly because it's nice to have a change of scenery (we always do the same things every visit). This was the first year they included Guinness and it was quite interesting. Learned a couple new things, and learned some things I really didn't need to learn! Next up was the aquarium, where K acquired a new fear....of SHARKS. I had pointed out to him the shark above us that he had his mouth open and that he was gonna get a fish and bite it. From that moment on, he shook through the rest of the exhibit and pointed out each fish and said "That shark will getshoe, it gon biteshoe!" (Get you, gonna bite you, in adult terms lol). Poor baby :( However, he wasn't afraid for too much longer after he found Nemo. To this day though, he'll still randomly burst out with that phrase...and it's too daggum cute!!! We stopped at Mr. Gatti's for dinner (like Chuck E Cheese, but way better and cheaper) and filled up on pizza, pasta, and games. Kainen had fun playing Deal or No deal, racing as #24 against Daddy in a race car game and shooting some hoops. In the end, he picked up some pretty cool prizes..spongebob frisbee, a bag full of army men, a unicorn (his favorite), a blow pop and a snake. All in all, it was a very fun day!
The next day we headed out to another round of Ripley's miniature golf, the first was Davey Crockett's and this time it was Old MacDonald's farm...where pigs fly of course! K had more fun here checking out the animals...the moo cows and pigs were his favorite. Unfortunately, he did not score a hole in one this time around...but he still was a pretty good golfer! After our game of golf we headed to the outlets nearby and did some shopping....bad for me, good for Kainen. We checked out the Disney Store where he got his load of Cars memorabilia. He was one happy kid after that trip; he left with Mater and Lightning plushies, Diecasts of Lightning and Doc Hudson, a cool Cars shirt, a reusable Cars tote, and Thumper (bunny) for his Easter basket!
We were supposed to leave the following day but decided to extend our stay. Personally, I think it was a bad idea...only because I spent the most money that day AAAHHHH. We packed up a picnic lunch and ate by the infamous Old Mill Restaurant...soaking up the views without having the pay the price :) Afterwards we headed to The Track so K could ride Go Karts and other kiddie rides. He smiles and laughed his little heart out. He rode a child friendly spinning cups and swings for the first time, and the smiles and laughs continued. We decided to check out Wonderworks Museum after a little ice cream break, where we rode an earthquake simulator, stood against 40mph hurricane winds, flew a spacecraft, played with bubbles, all while our world outside was turned upside down (if you've been there, you know what I mean). All in all it was a fun day, once again.
With our move to Ohio, we'll still be within hours of the mountains and I hope to have more trips like these in the future. I just love God's creation, those beautiful mountains always seem to amaze me. Now all I need is a little house amongst the side of one and I'll be good!

Here are a couple of pics from our trip in the Mountains

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