Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Top Two

TheUndomesticMomma has created a reoccurring theme called Top 2 Tuesday. I've recently started following her blog and decided that this week I'd link up and enjoy the fun! Today is about the two things I can't live without. After thinking for a bit, I narrowed my list down to a top two :-) It was a little tough! Of course, we're not talking about the usual list of what you can't live without. It's more or less, tangible items...materialistic things. Because, we all know that in everyone's top list there would be- family, friends, God, children, water, food, and air! This way is much more exciting and involves more thought.
My top two things I can't live without:
#1 My camera!!!
It is always on me, whether it's in the diaper bag or just hanging out in my car. It is readily available. I take it around knowing that there might be something happening or a once in a lifetime moment that needs to be captured! Unfortunately, my poor Kodak camera is on it's last days. I've had it for two and a half years, and the other day when I pulled it out...my poor screen has a crack and no longer is visible to view and take pictures. This means I'm back to looking through the little hole to focus and set up the shots. So, yes honey, I'm definitely hoping we can get the nice SLR camera when we get our taxes back :)
I have a tie for #2 hehe
#2 @ 50%, My Blackberry
I can't leave home without it, of course. It's my lifeline! It sure doesn't help that I've got facebook, twitter, emails, and music all there at my fingertips. Then of course, I can catch up on blogs, too! It's nice to be able to see what everyone's doing by checking FB on Tweets throughout the day. (I know, I know...I'm a bit of a nerd) Then, like I said before..it's my lifeline. It's what I have to help me keep in touch with everyone. I don't know who has home phones anymore, because who does when you have a cell phone!
#2 @ 50% My D&G sunglasses
Or as my husband would call them, the most expensive headband. :) Again, can't leave the house without them. It's sad to say that I rarely, and I mean rarely, ever use them for their intended purpose. I leave with them on my head everyday, rain or shine. To me (and apparently my husband) they are my headband. I swear that my hair looks so much better when they are up on my head. I guess you can call me a nerd here, too! I should probably just go out and buy some headbands, but I don't want to look like a little kid....because I love all those chunky & flower ornate ones! Either way though, I can't live without them :)
So there ya have it! My top 2 and half items I can't live without. Head on over to The Undomestic Momma and see what everyone else can't live without.
I sure am curious now that I've shared with everyone!


  1. I don't think I could live without my iPhone. It goes with me everywhere. Hope you have a great week!

  2. haha I love how you did #2 50% I love my D&G sunglasses and blackberry equally too so I get it!

  3. I know what you mean about the camera! I usually always have one with me!