Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gimme just a little more time...

As of yesterday, it looks like my stay here in SC may be extended. The original plan was to leave this coming Tuesday and move to Ohio. Well, things change....temporarily. I saw my orthopedic doc that I've had since my accident in January, and he's not ready to let me go. Now, let me tell you doctor is amazing, more amazing than my ortho doc I had for my knee surgery last August. He's aware of my situation and I enlightened him some more on the topic yesterday. He said that for what I've been through I have such high spirits, always have a smile on my face and ready to face what's thrown at me. (if he only saw me the weeks following our break) He continued to ask me what our plan is and then asked if he could pray for me/us. It made my day, and I'll say it again..I love my doc. Back to the story...he's checked out my shoulder and since my pain isn't going away, he's checking out the neck now. I've been sent to get an MRI and afterwards to make a followup to see him again. So, in may take up to 3 weeks before I'm on the road to our new home. This means, more time with family...more time with friends...more time to soak up the last bits of living in South Carolina! I have a list of to do's that I'd like to check off before I leave for good.

  • Go to Middleton Place (CHECK)- This one is already half checked off, because we've purchased our tickets and just trying to find a day to go . I've been wanting to go here for a very long time and Spring is the best time to go. They have beautiful gardens set alongside the water, a butterfly lake, and a beautiful main house. Not to mention, friendly animals that wander the grounds to look at and pet...that'll be the main attraction for K.

  • Take a walk Downtown through the Market, play tourist (CHECK)- It's been a while since I've actually been there and played around like I was from out of town...complete with jaywalking :)

  • Visit the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse- This is mostly because it'd be a great place to get shots of Kainen, since we can't afford professionals. Plus, it'd be a great reminder of my home...the beautiful beaches and what surrounds!

  • Walk the Ravenel Bridge...yes, that's right. All of it!! Anyone want to join me?? I know my husband will sit this one out. But I think it'll be worth the burn to catch the views from the top!!

  • See a movie at the new Imax- I really want to take K to go see "How to Train Your Dinosaur" in 3d there, I'd know he'd love it! But I only want to go if it's shown on the BIG screen, otherwise..why bother! They closed the Imax a while back at the Aquarium here...and I was completely bummed. They just built a new one a few months back and I've wanted to check it out with my boys. I'm hoping we can :)

    I'm sure there's other things I could add to this list, but for now, I'll leave it at that. Most things need to be free or priced inexpensively for us to be able to go. But once again, I'm happy to have family around to grant my "last wishes". I can't wait for our trip to Middleton Place, it'll happen within the next 2 days...and that will be one thing I can check off my to do list!

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