Monday, August 9, 2010

Three years have gone by...

Three years ago, a baby boy was placed into my arms and my life changed....I became a Mother! I knew right there that I'd have the best and most loving relationship with this little being for the rest of my life. A mother's love for her son is unique, nothing could ever match it. I know that one day I may lose him as his heart is handed to his wife, but I'm going to treasure the moments and hold onto him until then.

We had a little get together for him yesterday, nothing too big or fancy. I knew that the easiest way to celebrate him was to make it more about HIM than the decor :) Of course I had to throw in a Lightening McQueen here and a Mater there, and it made my day to see the giddyness of my child when he saw his cake and balloons. I've never seen him so happy!! I don't think it's truly set in yet, but my handsome little boy is loved by so many and I am so thankful. I do wish things were a little different for him nowadays, but not a day will go by without telling him how much he is loved and spoiled. I even promise not to spoil him too much...but he's Mommy's little boy!

Three years ago, my heart no longer beat inside of me...but crawled and will forever walk beside me! A little bit of that heart aches today as my child ages another year. Time seems to be flying by and K is growing up too fast.
Three years ago, I was staring at ten fingers and ten toes and rubbing the fuzz that was on his tiny, precious head. Today, those fingers are counting and those toes are growing and he glows with his shiny blonde locks.His words are a plenty and his play time is full of imagination. He's not so tiny any more, my baby is past 3 feet tall. I would like to say that I'd love to keep him small forever, but I can't wait to watch him grow and learn....and love!!

**pictures to come**

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