Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Question Friday

**Brought to you by My Little Life**

1. Do you sing out loud in the car when you're driving?
I totally agree with Mama M. I only sing when I have the music blaring and when no one is looking ;) People may think I've lost it, however, I'm not one who gets all into it complete with random dancing and crazy movements (shaking the car) kinda moves! So, no need to worry. Plus, it's super fun to get K to sing along...he knows the most random songs that play on the radio, some he shouldn't even repeat! LOL

2. What would you never be caught doing?
HHHmmmmm, this is a tough one...other than the obvious, singing in the car (as Mama M put it) I really can't think of just one thing. As far as getting caught, this could refer to something wrong, something right, or *dare I say it* something naughty ;)! The possibilities could be endless! So, I'll leave it at that...

3. Will you go #2 in a public restroom?
HAHAHA, Mama M said "fecal urgency" :) You make me laugh! But once again, I agree with you. It will rarely has to be an emergency, can't wait..gotta go kinda feeling. And I make the most amount of sound as possible, too. Coughing, fake puking, waiting for someone else to flush...Gosh, this is getting a bit TMI. I'm done talking about "fecal urgency"

4. Have you ever broken a bone?
**gently knocking on wood side table** Never. I've sprained and twisted a few things, but never actually broke a bone.

5. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
Well, define cooking...and better yet, define baking. *Huge chuckle* I define my cooking as throwing an easy meal in the microwave or stove and just punching in the time it needs to cook :) And pretty much, my baking is the same. Boxed cakes and brownies are my specialties...sometimes! However, I did make Cake balls...which took a little bit more effort; I was super proud of how they turned out...and so were a couple other people who devoured them ;) So, I guess you could say I prefer baking....must be the inner fat girl in me! If I had to cook to eat, I'd be out of luck....gimme a Crock Pot or Voila meal from the frozen section and I'm all in though :)

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