Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fives

I'm hoping to one day get up enough courage to Vlog like Mama M has done :) But for now, it's just going to be these words typed out for you guys! Here's another Five Question Friday

1. Do you collect anything?
I used to collect frogs when I was little. Right now, they're packed up in boxes and bags. The plan is to break them out when(if) we have a little girl and decorate the room with my childhood memories :)
2. Name 3 celebrities that you find good looking.
Just three?!? Where to start...
Jake Gyllenhaal Pictures, Images and Photos Rusty Pictures, Images and Photos Patrick Dempsey Pictures, Images and Photos
I couldn't just name them...had to show off their hotness ;)
3. Do you have any scars? If so, what's the story behind it (them?)?
I have one major scar, it's from when I went to get a little skin graf done. They were done and went to put A stitch in and the needle fell INTO my arm! The look on my mother's face showed me that something was wrong. The doc lost the needle. They had to poke me with 2 more of them to locate the needle inside during an xray. Needless to say, I went in thinking I would come out scar-less...yeah right, they had to put more stitches in to sew up the HOLE they created in hopes of finding the needle! I got a couple of free visits after that...
4. What is a food that you like to eat, but others might think it's gross or weird?
I don't think there's anything I eat that people may think is gross or weird. Sorry...
5. Have you ever seen a tornado in real life?
Never witnessed a tornado...although I have seen a water spout. That lasted all of 15 seconds, but it sure was interesting!!


Now it's Friday Five with Beth!

Five things you do to relax, de-stress,contain your composure
or that you just enjoy doing for yourself!
~I like to go see a movie by myself. A good chick flick or comedy is the way to go
~I go to a park and soak in the beauties of nature. I love to be outside
~I spend time with my family (unless of course they're the reason I need to de-stress!)
~I clean...because having a nice, straightened house makes everything better
~I read blogs!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that needle story! Crazy!

  2. I wasn't sure how I felt about going to a movie by myself... until I went.. and I loved it!!

  3. I loooove Jake Gyllenhaal! And I agree that being outside is a surefire way to relax... great choices! Have a great weekend!