Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Last night was our first experience with a Drive-In and it definitely held up to it's expectations! We got there a little early to scope things out and get situated. Kainen loved that he had the whole back of my durango to sprawl out in....but that didn't last long. That's not unusual for him though, even at actual movie theaters he likes to shuffle. He played musical chairs for the whole movie but he kept his eyes on the movie the whole time :) We are definitely going to go back as often as we can!! For only $7 per person for 2 movies, sitting in the comfort of your own chairs or cars..the surround sound at a comfortable level and concessions at an affordable price; not to mention it's just a few miles down the road....this is a tradition that will continue for us and I can't wait to catch more features at the Starlite!

Here's my little man patiently waiting for the movies to start!

Here we are cheesin', all comfy and excited that the movie is starting!

At Starlite, we caught two super awesome movies....Despicable Me and Inception!

Despicable Me (2010) Pictures, Images and PhotosInception Pictures, Images and Photos

Despicable Me was definitely as cute as it looked in previews. I definitely give that one *****5 stars! The little minions were too cute, made the movie even cuter. Of course there's the little girl who gets the unicorn and shrieks "It's so Fluffy" is another cute part in the movie. This movie has a great storyline. He goes from Super Bad to Super Dad, as the movie poster displays. Despicable Me is definitely being added to our movie collection once it's out on DVD. Do your kids a favor and take them to see this adorable'll become Super Mom/Dad!

Inception was an incredible movie, however, it confused the crap out of me. It's kind of up there with Shutter Island for me. With saying that though, I did enjoy this movie...whether I really understood it or not :) The storyline was amazing (and understandable) once my hubs went into detail of it! Haha The graphics were out of this world and the selection of actors were usual Leo doesn't disappoint. I give this one ****4 Stars! I would definitely be willing to see Inception again, hoping to understand it more thoroughly. I think I've learned that I need to stick with Chick flicks and comedies though...or at least action packed movies whose stories I can comprehend. I would highly recommend anyone see this movie, maybe you will understand it and love it..or even get confused, but you'll still love it. Do you dare to Dream?!

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  1. Drive-in's are the best! I went to them often growing up. Sadly, they just tore down the one nearest to us this summer. :(