Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 2...Need It, Want It Purchases

The Undomestic Momma has made today's Top 2 all about Purchases....and lately I have two things on my mind that I really want/need. This is just bringing it up front in my thoughts and torturing me, but I'll share anyways :)

My number one choice would be:
Nikon D90 SLR Digital Camera Kit Set Pictures, Images and Photos
A nice SLR camera!! I'm in need of a new one sooooooo bad. My poor Kodak has been through the ringer....cracked screen and no longer has a battery cover! I'm so sad, I don't like being without a camera. And with my child's birthday coming up, I'm hoping I can fix it with a little duct tape so I can capture the happenings of that special day

My second purchase would be:
COACH BAGS from ABC SHOP CLUB Pictures, Images and Photos
A fresh new Coach purse of course! I think I deserve it :) I got tortured last weekend at the outlet. Their clearance was marked 50% and an additional 25% off that....hubby said no! I can't wait to be able to purchase something with my hard earned money. SOMEDAY!!!!

Yeah yeah yeah...as you can see I'm so materialistic. But hey, a girl can dream right?! These are really the top 2 things I would love to get my hands on. Hope the time comes sooner rather than later!

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  1. Ohhh yes! Every girl needs a Nikon and a Coach purse. Good choices and yes, you totally deserve it. :)


  2. Two great picks! I have a Nikon and really love it. I had to use our tax return to finally get it last year, but it was worth it.
    Neat blog. I'm you newest follower from Top 2 Tuesday... :)

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  4. Great picks. Love me some Coach and love my DSLR camera.

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    I hope you get these someday!

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  9. I have a Nikon D80 ..it is very good.. definitely go for Nikon!! following from FMBT!!

  10. May your dreams come true.

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