Thursday, July 29, 2010

In a Perfect World..

Lately, some things have just been falling apart in my world. Yet, at the same time...others seem to falling into place! There have been plenty of times where I wonder why things happen and I get super frustrated. I've learned that in every experience, I just need to let go and Let God. He would not put us into a situation He knew we couldn't handle. Sometimes, we've made it through a situation, but not without a couple of obstacles in our way.

So onto a fun way of looking at things after that serious bout....

In a perfect world, I wouldn't be without my camera. :( My poor Kodak has been through the ringer. The viewing screen in cracked and the battery door won't close. Therefore, I am looking through the little hole to take pictures and holding my battery in at the same that takes Skill! Without pictures, I feel like my blog is lacking and that is why I have only done blog hops for the past two weeks.
In a perfect world, we would be caught up on bills and be living care free for once in our lives!
In our perfect world, the hubs has taken on a new job in which we will have the chance to get caught up and live care free for once in our lives!
In our perfect world, with the extra money we're going to make in the coming months, I can afford to purchase the beloved new SLR camera :)
In a perfect world, we'd have a little companion by our side...a dog to cuddle with. After the runaway of our Doodle, we took in one of my mom's 5 yorkies. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out and Gracie is heading back to SC come August. In a perfect world, we would go out and rescue one of the pups that are at a local shelter.

Anyways, enough of dreaming about the what's and if's. Here's to hoping I can bring all those wants and needs to the surface. For now, it's trying to make the most of the time and money we do have :) It's the last day off together for the hubs and I for who knows how long. We're heading out to the Drive-in tonight for 2 showings....Despicable Me and Inception. I'll definitely be back for a little review of them both! Should be an exciting first Drive in Fun...I can't wait. What's so awesome about it is the fact you get two features for the price of one ($7), and in the comfort of your own car :) WOO HOO

In a perfect world.....WHO am I kidding?!? There's no such thing as a perfect word! I will wait...
But in the meantime...because I could be waiting for years. Here's to making each year as perfect as it can be for my family!

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