Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Time in Charleston

It's shocking to believe that we haven't had family pictures done since Kainen was 4 months old. I have all these empty frames that I wanted to fill of the three of us, but wanted up to date ones, of course. As beautiful as my hometown of Charleston is, we had to head back to the Battery to do a second shoot there! I was disappointed at the fact the Gazebo was torn down :-( Not only was it a great setting for our family pictures but it was also where my wonderful hubby asked me to marry him. The good news is, they are rebuilding it...but it's just not the same. However, they did keep a piece of it, the roof! Which was a key safety feature on that night in October 2007. It was a very rainy and windy night and that roof was the only thing that kept us from getting soaked and windblown. Anyways, enough ranting about that :-) It was so nice of my sister to follow us around and snap shots of my family. She got some good ones! I have to admit, Kainen is definitely easier to photograph when he's 4 months rather than 2 years old. Every car, every dog, every sound caught his attention and he got distracted easily...and somewhat cranky. I'm happy to say that my sister has a new snazzy SLR camera and she wants to have a redo! It'll be nice to have two sets of family pictures, especially since I've cut and dyed my hair since then HEHE Hope you like the shots she got. I can't wait for our redo this weekend :-) They'll be even better with the new camera, my new look and a new setting!

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