Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Truthfully Tuesday

Truthfully Tuesday, speaks for itself doesn't it?
There are so many things happening these days, it's crazy.
Here's my edition :-)
  • My son, Kainen, is going to be two this Sunday...it's crept up on us. I can't believe it, boy has time just flown by. I'm in amazement every day of the new things he learns, the changes in his appearance, and the number of words he's added to his vocabulary!
  • The terrible twos have hit, so far it's an every other day routine. I'm hoping they last only until he turns two. Here's to wishful thinking HAHA
  • I'm absolutely loving the new trend of naptime and nighttime. It's quite a surprise that this new trend is doing so well. We are quite pleased, not complaining at all. Kainen has been going to sleep all on his own lately...in his bed in his room. We've made it routine to put him down in his bed at night, turn on Noggin and tuck him snug as a bug. We make it known that's it's time to sleep and Mommy and Daddy will be right outside. He's done so good...he has his moments, crying about 5 minutes tops; and then he's out like a light :-)

Now, enough bragging about dear Kainen..

  • Jason and I are taking our first official vacation, of the year, next week...I'm so excited. My grandparents have a mountain house in Tennessee, so we're taking advantage of free lodging. I love it in Pigeon Forge because they're so generous and friendly, especially towards the Veterans/Active duty of the US Armed Forces. We save so much money on our trips there, I can't wait.
  • I need to get my act together and start doing WiiFit again. We've had it over a year and when we brought it out to reintroduce ourselves to the system...it said it was our 10th day, 10th day...How sad is that? I'm hoping to motivate myself after this post to do a little workout routine!! We'll see what happens

Hope you liked my edition of Truthfully Tuesday. I just wanted to share the truths that I couldn't believe were reality. Make sure to check back this weekend and next weekend for pictures from our baby's 2nd birthday and our fun vacation to Tennessee. I seem to be a little slack on updating...so I'm challenging myself to come back every day. *Minus next week, when of course...I'm away from the internet world :-(*


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