Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday :-)

For my edition of "Not my child Monday" I'm taking it a different route :-)
Yesterday, Kainen did not surprise us by counting down from 4-1, all by himself!
He's most certainly not learning his colors; yellow and blue are not his favorite right now.
He does not know all of his Backyardigans friend's names and who's who. He definitely does not match his stuffed ones to their correct characters when an episode is on.
My child is not that smart!
Kainen does not know which drawer the hot dogs are in the refrigerator...and he especially does not try and grab one every time the door is open. My kid is definitely not a hot dog addict!
Kainen, unaware of the game, did not outscore his daddy in a game of Speed Slice on Wii over the weekend...even it was just 4 points :-) Daddy, however, ended up winning afterall.
That's my Not My Child version. I decided to put a little spin on it in honor of Kainen learning so many new things in the past few weeks. It's amazing how things can change in such little time. Makes me very proud to be his Mom <3<3
**And just to make it a normal Not me**
I am definitely not having knee surgery tomorrow and I'm definitely not nervous. Nope not me!
Please DO keep me in your prayers tomorrow, that the surgery has a great outcome, Thanks

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