Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Blogger Blues

I've got the bloggin' blues.....I've missed coming here and jotting down the recent happenings in our life! I'm such a bad blogger & I apologize to my readers for my recent absenses. I promise to become a better blogger, not just for myself, but for my followers, too. You found me somehow & you liked what I had to write about...I'd love to keep you around! :-) I'm going to blog another post right after this one, just to share pictures of those recent happenings. There's so many of them to post here along with these words I write.
It's been a very uneventful past couple of weeks & may I say, a sickly weekend. But here's to catch you up on the past 2 weeks or so. Hopefully, after this post I will get back on the blogging hog and write every day. They may not hold many pictures, so I hope I still grab most of yall's attention *ahem Sara :-)*.
Labor day weekend was a blast, Sara came up from Charleston to spend the weekend with us. I always love when she comes to visit, my weekends with her never have a dull moment...and I hope she feels the same way. HAHA She introduced me to my new favorite place, Ikea! I can say that I hate her for that, but I love her so much for the introduction! I believe I've become addicted, and I'm super stoked that it's only an hour and a half from my home rather than the 3 hours from my old home of Charleston. I can't wait until we get a house because I will definitely be heading back there to stock up on stuff for our new place. The lovely friend that I have, helped me out alot, by purchasing a table that I loved & she took a check in return from us...since we were broke. I still owe you, don't worry! Thanks Sara<3> ME, who just had knee surgery the week prior...that mall was not my friend. I still enjoyed my time there, as it was mostly window shopping.The next time I go, I'll make sure I have some moolah to spend. On that Sunday, we checked out the State Museum here in Cola. I haven't been there since my niece was about 2 or so and even before then, it must've been years! We took advantage of the $1 Sunday program they have going on. It was fun for all of us, even Kainen.
My hubby just celebrated his 22nd birthday back on the fourteenth. It was a huge bummer that he had to work late. However, we took our monthly *my biweekly :-P* trip to Charleston to have a birthday dinner with my family. I left before my hubby and headed down Friday while he was still in work. Keno was that night, a game that I was introduced to a year ago....boy has time flown by. It's the greatest game ever and it was nice to hang out with the girls again. It was nice to actually go home with gifts,too...3 to be exact! I went with my sister, the next morning...bright and early to the Repeats Sale. I was quite disappointed, some people overprice their stuff and most of the good ones were already taken because of all the pre-sales they did. Sunday we had a redo of our family photos since my sister got a new camera. We headed down to Hampton Park, a place I hadn't been to in over a decade...but it was still just as beautiful so many years later! I have to say that having pictures done almost 2 years after a first shoot as a family...there were some major changes. Kainen was easily distracted, but it probably didn't help that the photographer was his Auntie. He's usually such a ham for photographers. I think we're going to give it another try within the next couple of weeks, but this time with someone different behind the camera. Alicia is a fellow blogger that coincidentally lives in the same area as I and she will be our photographer next time around!
As of right now, it's the start of a new week. I'm looking at it now and seeing that it's going to be uneventful...bummer. I've been battling a sinus/cold since Friday. It's slowly going away, each symptom disappearing one by one. It's nice to finally breathe through my nose! AAaaahhhh

Here's to hoping for a great week...and may yours be just as good, maybe even better! :-) <3


  1. haha Ill TRY to keep interested when no pictures are present. I cant help that im ADD. lol And I had a great weekend too im already ready for another visit!!! I love yall!!!

  2. Don't feel bad. I get in a funk every now and again and just don't feel like writing. Or even know what to write about. :) Looking forward to us meeting and taking pictures of your beautiful family. :) Have a great day Heather.