Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trying Tuesday

Yes, it has been a very trying day! I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday to share with everyone my lovely present my hubby got me :) So without further ado....

I was supposed to introduce everyone to Ruby yesterday as a part of
Amanda's Mutt Monday.
She is a 7 week old Lab Husky Collie mix,
a true mutt... but a cute one at that!
Ruby is actually one of the contributors to my Trying Tuesday. Aaahhh, the joys of having a puppy! It's been two years since we've had to deal with training a puppy. The good thing is, she was used to being outside already, so she's really good about doing her business outside. She's just not so great on letting us know.
Kainen is another contributor, boy has he been testing my patience today. Maybe I should rename it to Testing Tuesday. Since my baby boy has turned two, he's done nothing but say no to everything I say...talk about the terrible twos!
I need to try and just relax...I've been quite irritable these past couple of days. I've had a lot on my mind these past couple of weeks and I think it's just getting to me. Luckily, I had a very great Labor Day weekend to take my mind off things. I'm going to try and not let it all bother me and discuss my issues...Let Go & Let God, as I've said before :-)

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  1. aww I love my little Ruby!! Even though she doesn't LOVE me!! Jason LOVER! haha

    I hope things get better and im sure Friday will be great ESP if you go to IKEA and YES im jealous!!! Love ya girly!