Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mother, Daughter Time

Last week, my mom came to visit us for a couple of days. It felt just like the good ole' days and I enjoyed our time spent together. Since moving here, an hour and a half away from my family, things have drastically changed. I had to make new friends, learn how to be on my own, and manage to get around an unfamiliar area. I've grown up alot in the past two years, even more in these past few months. It's crazy!
My mom had this past week off, she called me Tuesday and told me she was heading up the next day to come visit. I was so happy and I couldn't wait until the next day. I miss my mom and any chance I get to spend time with her, I jump on it! Wednesday she came up just in time for me to head out to my doc appointment, kid free...and I think her for that. After my appointment we headed out to Tot Trade, a huge consignment sale for kids. I'm glad I went, we got some cute outfits for Kainen...took advantage of the 60% sale. The next day we had plans to head to the lake, but unfortunately, it was already closed for the season. She was looking forward to a day at the beach, in the sun. However, she did get to see what it looks like out there...and the dam, it's an amazing site. We headed home and changed our plans to the pool. It was definitely some cold water, but Kainen had a blast and both mom and I got a little bit of last chance summer sun :-) We headed out to the mall afterwards because my mom was in need of some new clothes. It's always nice to go on a little shopping session with your mom. I helped her pick out a couple shirts, even one she didn't like on the hanger...she ended up buying it in two colors! My mom was so great, even after a day of shopping, she cooked us dinner...and it was yummy. The next day we headed out for even more shopping. This time we checked out Sandhills, an outdoor shopping center. I had to drag her out there, it has a Kirkland's and everyone knows we're addicted to that place. *When we get a house, it will be full of stuff from there* It was another fun day of shopping with her, I wish we could hang out more. She was so great, because once again...being out all day, she let the hubby and I have a date night. Something we haven't done since we've moved here. Unfortunately, we got rained out on a date and headed home a little early. We came home to her doing our laundry, and she had already cleaned our kitchen and a bathroom. It was a very nice thing for her to do and I'm grateful for her help. Then comes our last day, Saturday came to fast. We went out to our last rendezvous together, breakfast at Waffle House. I loved having her here and enjoyed every moment I spent with here. If only we could do that once a month...I'll have to ask her about doing that. LOL
I always enjoy mother daughter time. When I lived 20 minutes away, I use to meet her for lunch. On the weekends or on her days off, we'd usually do the same or maybe a quick shopping trip. I definitely miss the time with my mother. It's something I wish I had here :-(

I'm thankful for such a great mother and I feel blessed to know that God chose her to be mine!
I love you mom!

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  1. aww sounds like yall had a great time!! moms are great!!