Monday, September 21, 2009

Weeks in review, through Pictures!

Here's Kainen in the huge tractor tire at the State Museum.
He loved being in there, you can tell by the excited expression on his face!

There's a new weatherman in town, haven't you heard?
Let me introduce him to you all, heeeeerrrrreeee's Kainen!
He was very smart, too.
He pointed at all the nasty weather,
even showed the direction it was pushing towards ;-)
The beach walkthrough at the Museum.
Almost looks a little too real in pictures!
Kainen loved seeing the birds up close

I love the few, great pictures that we did get at the park.
I just adore family pictures from behind <3
The fountain adds a dramatic effect, I think.
This is my favorite of all of us.
HAHA, even though you can't see our faces!
My two boys, sporting their best Bear's gear!
Doesn't Kainen look so excited?

I just love how happy Kainen is here!

What's gonna work? Teamwork!

Here are Daddy & Son feeding the geese. Daddy giving Kainen the nudge, of course

Such a happy family <3<3

My two boys, fooling around under the tree!

My most favorite picture of them.
Jason is such a great dad
I love the bond they have now
that will grow fonder as the years pass.

The best for last.
Mommy & Son

This is my weeks in review, through pictures! I need to get better at taking more pictures during the week. Which really means, I need to get out of the house more often ;-)
I love my family and the outings we have. I can't wait for the ones that lie ahead!


  1. Awww, I love your week in pictures! You know I have still yet to take Brea and Brody to the museaum. What am I waiting for? :) Your pictures are great! LOVE the fountain one too!!

  2. Thank for the vote!!!

    Adorable photos by the way :)