Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally Friday- Catch Up Day

Am I even allowed to say that? As a stay at home mom, every day is Friday to me! It's been a very productive week, as you can tell by my absence. I'm going to try and get better at posting daily, try being the key word :-) Last weekend was very eventful, a little too much for me though. My Uncle, from Chicago, was in town for his yearly visit. Having moved away, it was different than last year. I didn't get to spend much time with him and I'm a little disappointed. He's one of my favorite uncles and to make it better he's got the best boyfriend! We all adore Roberto. They were at my wedding and boy can Roberto dance. We all did the train and there he was behind my mom, pretty much dry humping her to the music. It was the best time and I'm stoked that our photographer got that shot. Anyways, back to the weekend! We had two get togethers and you know in the south, that means yummy food. I think I gained five pounds over the weekend. Saturday was at my grandmothers and she made yummy chicken and rice casserole..and not your typical Campbell's soup recipe, much different and much better! She rarely cooks anymore, which is a total bummer, but when she does she goes all out. She even made two cakes, a yummy Red Velvet and a Coconut cake. I love my Mimi and her cooking! What made my weekend even better was getting to go out with my hubby that night. We had a friend tag along and it was fun. We went to a local bar and had a couple of drinks and listened to a live band. I watched the boys play drunken pool and darts, I eventually joined in on the darts. I have to say that at one point I was ahead...but we stayed until the bar closed so we didn't get to finish that game. Let me just throw it out there too, I love my hubby...and I don't mind the drunk hubby because he's so sweet and says the nicest most loving things...but it just does not sit well with him. HAHA On to Sunday and another day of food and fun..this time in the sun. I totally did not come prepared for that. After having surgery and all, legs weren't shaved and one was swollen. I did not want to show all that off by wearing shorts, no way Jose! My other uncle through this bash and luck for me, they live out on a river so it wasn't so miserable out there. Once again, I stuffed my face! I started off with tortilla chips and salsa, about four plates...then came the dish, a hamburger and chicken breast. Accompanying that was a yummy spinach and artichoke pasta and mac n cheese. To top it all off, a very tasty Carvel ice cream cake!! I think I have a new favorite place to get ice cream cakes. Overall, it was a very exciting weekend. It went by way too quickly and boy was I feeling the pain Sunday night. After being home only ten minutes, I was on the couch icing and elevating the knee.
My hubby and I celebrated being together, dating-wise, for three years yesterday! Boy has time flown by. He had a day off from work, so we took that day and cleaned up the house together...I hope it can stay cleaner for longer than a day or two! He also got me a very cute present, but you'll have to wait until Monday to know what :-)
Another exciting weekend is ahead of me. My friend Sara is coming up to take a little getaway. We've planned some fun things and I'm excited to actually be getting out and enjoying myself. Especially with this fall like weather we've been experiencing. We may take a day trip to Charlotte to Ikea, heard that place is fabulous! Shopping, movies, alcohol are all on our list of to dos this weekend. It'll be great!
Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe Labor day weekend :-)

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