Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 7 Wants

Needs are usually quantifiable and realistic e.g. I need a college degree. Wants however are limitless and sometimes far-fetched e.g. I want Patrick Dempsey and a cabin over water in Bora Bora...lol

  1. Let's start off by saying, I want "World Peace" Who doesn't want that right?! Plus, the Miss Universe was on last night..I watched until USA wasn't in the comp anymore, so I'm not sure who won. Also, they make me wanna gag...such skinny people. It's depressing how perfect they ALMOST are

  2. To keep up with the whole Miss "bla", I'm gonna say I want to be a size 6ish with pearly white teeth and long straight blonde hair!

  3. Ok, back to the more realistic things....I want to go back to school and get a degree in something. Leaning towards something Medical or maybe something with the Law!!

  4. I'm dying to take K to Disney World, I'm wanting to take him somewhere between October and February. That's way high up on my WANT list :)

  5. I want to take photography classes and get snazzy accessories for my fancy DSLR camera, and even get one of those non-traditional camera bags

  6. I want to travel the world with my little sidekick and show him that there's more out there in the world than what the US has to offer...such diverse cultures, there's so much for him to learn and discover. 6 places is tomorrow, where shall we travel?!

  7. Tying in with my little sidekick world traveler, I have a huge want list for K. But I'll just leave it as...I want K to grow up and be healthy, happy and loving. I want him to find love and treat his soul mate like a princess and to be loved in return. My wants could go on and on for him, but we'll just leave it at that!

Tomorrow: 6 Places

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