Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9 Loves

  1. My Family, especially the bond between my son and I...nothing can break that

  2. My Friends, the few good ones that I have. They're great go-to's for advice and gossip

  3. Frappes, because as said before in my secrets..I'm addicted ;)

  4. Blogger....where else would I be able to catch up on the lives of my favorite blogs and meet new people in the area. Plus, it'll be a great memory to look back on later

  5. My job. Although it has it's ups and downs, it is a very rewarding job. I love being a part of a child's life, helping them learn and's a great feeling

  6. The South, particularly my hometown! I love being a Charlestonian...the history, the fun. I love to travel to other "Southern States" too. Y'all come now!

  7. Photography...I take my camera everywhere. I don't want to miss out on that one moment...if that SLR isn't handy, there's always the phone on my droid :)

  8. The season of fall premieres!! LOL It's what makes those 3 months of questioning Why, what, who, how, all worth is...Oh the suspense!

  9. Our country! With it being 9/11 and all. It's great to be a part of a country where you all come together in a time of need and reflect upon the lives lost and saved during this tragedy. God Bless the USA

Tomorrow: 8 Fears :(

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