Monday, September 12, 2011

My 8 Fears

  1. Failure- whether it be motherhood, friendships, or career wise...this is a major fear

  2. Death- Especially unexpected deaths and those thoughts of something awful happening to my baby boy

  3. December 2012- I'm not gonna lie...there's so much hype about different scenarios. It's kinda freaking me out not knowing

  4. Starting over-I have a fear of learning to love and trust again. After going through a divorce and losing the one you thought was your soul mate, it sucks. I guess I can look forward to second chances though.....

  5. Social Gatherings- if I'm invited somewhere where I know little to no one, I tend to uninvite myself or make up a reason not to go

  6. Public Speaking- This ties in to the social thing. I'm not a big fan of having to speak in front of a large crowd or having all eyes/ears on me. There goes my shot at presidency LOL

  7. Affection- I'm all up for hugging and kissing, but as far as the "deed" goes I have a fear I'm not going to be good enough. This ties in to the starting over..."the one" was my only one...where do I go from there

  8. Disappointing people- I always fear, daily, that I'm letting someone somewhere down. It's a constant struggle. I have a heavy heart and if I feel like I've let you down, I break down emotionally!
Tomorrow: Seven Wants :)

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