Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After a Year off...

I'm Back :)

It's been a crazy year, I must say. I posted a blog entry back in September '10 about Losing it, and now I'm here to say I'm Gaining it! haha A lot of things have changed since I last was here at the Harbor.
It's been a year of ups and downs and sometimes on the roller coaster I've cried and at other times I've held my hands up high and screamed for joy!

The highs of this past year...

  • Mother Daughter trip to Las Vegas, baby :) That was back in June and we had a blast. I'll definitely have to post a day to day for that. I can't wait to go back!

  • My baby turned 4 and he just started his second year of preschool, 4k this year! And the best part, he actually wants to go. WOOHOO I even gave him his very first cool party with his friends from school

  • I've been a preschool teacher at my current job for a year!! I love my boss and I enjoy working with most of the people at The Nook

  • I'm 60 days, give or take, away from entering bachelorette-hood. I've officially been separated for 365+ days and I'm ready to move on with my life and start fresh with my little man!

  • I attended my first Drag Queen Show with my favorite Gay Uncles and had a blast with them :)

  • I paid to have a professional photographer capture some special moments between my kiddo and I, and so far loving the previews...the rest of the pictures aren't available. It had been since Easter '09 since K had his pictures taken and we were long over due for family shots

  • I had my first real casino/gambling experience..even before Vegas at Harrah's in Cherokee....twice this summer. Came out $200 ahead :) I'm totally addicted to the slot we played...not addicted to gambling though!

There were only a few negatives in the I can't complain. Of course, realizing that you're getting a divorce is a bit of a debbie downer, so that's a big fat negative turned positive though. I also lost my grandmother (step dad's mom) in September '10...they say when it rains, it pours, and that was a definite rough week. And just recently, I received more bad news. My dad was diagnosed with Cancer, stage 4 lung. It has metastasized to 7 other places, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers :) Thanks

So there ya have it. I'm back and ready to roll. I've missed out on documenting the happenings and having those memories there for me... It was nice to take that year off and figure out some things, find myself and become a better person.

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