Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charleston, SC

Kelly has a fun reoccurring theme on her blog called Show Us Your Life. Each week she has a different theme, and this week is Show Us Your Hometown! I immediately jumped at the opportunity to blog about my hometown; one- because I love it so and two- because I miss my "home".
I'm a true Southern Gal, born and raised in the state of South Carolina. I am proud to be a Charlestonian! The city in which I grew up in carries with it a lot of history and pride. I used to love going out around Downtown and play tourist (as you've seen in previous posts), have pride in the Navy with the Yorktown, spend relaxing days on the beach, Shop at the Market, dip my feet in the Pineapple at Waterfront. I just love Charleston.
Here you've got Rainbow Row :) Perfectly pictured by a talented local Artist Jim Booth! He is a talented man. He captures with his paintbrush, the true beauty of my hometown.
There are plenty of Historic Gardens and Plantations to visit! Middleton Place (shown) is my favorite. There is also Magnolia Plantation, Boone Hall Plantation, and Drayton Hall. So much history and beauty awaits you at each location!

You can visit the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point and learn alot of History as you walk aboard. It's set along the Charleston Harbor, so the views are amazing. There, you can also take a ferry to Ft Sumter...which holds even more history!

There's the beautiful Waterfront Park, where you can play in the water at the spray fountain or wade in the water at the Pineapple. It was a great date nigt location for the hubby and I :)

This is an aerial shot of Charleston, South Carolina...the Holy City. If you were to look closely, you can see why we are the Holy City. I believe there are over 140 church steeples that mark our city skyline!
Then, last but not can't forget the popularity with chick flicks here!! Nicolas Sparks seems to be drawn towards the city. If you've seen The Notebook or Dear John, you've seen bits and pieces of my hometown. Two great movies who showcased our city well! I remember this scene in the movie and thinking to myself, "HA, I've walked those streets!!!" It's fun to see your city in a movie, especially when it's set back a couple decades.
There ya have it! My hometown. I hope you enjoyed the visit! It was nice to go back and reminisce, I surely do get homesick. Make sure you head over to Kelly's and visit other's hometowns. You never know, you could possibly make a "Trip" around the US in one day :)
"Yall come back now!"


  1. Wow Charleston looks like such a historical town. I love the picture of the horse and carriage. I am loving having a tour of the States. Kathy

  2. What a fun post!! I love all your picture, so fun! My brother lives there and I LOVE to go visit, its one of my favorite places ever!! Your blog is precious!! Happy Friday

  3. LOVE your post!!! I'm a Charleston native, and even after 25 years of living in this little town, I wouldn't leave for a million bucks. ; )

    I also blogged about our great city today...but with my two girls (both under two) underfoot, my post isn't nearly as good as yours. : )

    PS - I'm your newest follower! Happy Friday!

  4. Love your post! The hubs and I are coming for our first visit soon! I cannot wait to visit Charleston.