Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me Monday

In an effort to finish up the unpacking of bags and boxes here at our new place, I most certainly did not decide to just put random boxes and bags in storage. And I did not stuff a bag of clothes in the closet on the shelf, just to get it out of the way. I was not being lazy, when I have been complaining about having everything in it's place...nope, Not Me!
During a very slow hour at work, and after everything was done on our to-do list, a fellow associate and I did not proceed to check size 7 shoes to see how they fit us! We did not try on all the styles and tell each other how they looked. And I will not buy a shoe from the store I work at, just because they add color to my outfit... and I can tell a child firsthand how they feel :)
I did not go crazy the other day with a can of spray paint. I had a project to do, to paint a hideous FREE lamp we got the right color....and I did not attack 3 other item with said paint :) I do not have an overload of Bahama Breeze colored decor in my house!
And speaking of projects to do, I have not searched craigslist daily for free or cheap items that I can attack with more paint and mod podge. I'm not going to be that crazy craft lady (my husband calls me that) who perks up an old shelf, cigar box or even a cookie sheet with paper and jewels or whatever else I can get my hands on. Nope, not me!
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  1. Haha...I love this! Made me laugh for sure. Now you need to post pics of your projects that you did {not} attack with paint. :)

    I'm visting from Follow Back Tuesday. I would love it if you stopped by to say hi.