Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have lots to be thankful for, but I still wish I could add a couple more things to my list. But that doesn't take away from the list of things I am thankful for.

We got a call today from the apartment complex we checked out the other day. Our application was accepted, and we move in this weekend! The previous apartment we looked at (ya know, with the old man cracking jokes about the cemetery), things just didn't work out. Things were better at this new place, more storage and bigger rooms etc. Unfortunately, the rent is a little bit more, but I'm hoping we'll manage. I'm super thankful we have a place to live now. This whole situation we've been in has not been fun at all. Another thing to be thankful for is the fact that there is such a thing as "Northern" hospitality. A lady came into my place of work the other day and we started talking, I told her about my situation and she gave me a list of numbers (including hers) and is helping us in our search for help in careers and even said she'd be here for me for drinks or dinner. She's already called once since she's been in and I'm super thankful to know that there are people out there who think about others, who aren't selfish.

I'll be even more thankful when my husband finds a place to work, I wish it wasn't so difficult. And I'll be even more thankful when I'm not stealing internet and tv from my bro-in laws....although, I'm super thankful they've been cooking for us and letting us barge in on their territory. Gosh, there's lots out there..I'm sure the list could go on and on as I keep thinking and talking about it all.

I'm thankful...and I'm only hoping it can get better from here!

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