Monday, May 24, 2010

Yellow Fellow & iHeartFaces

Yellow are the taxi tops
the butterflies and bumblebees
juicy lemons, sunflowers and falling leaves.
Yellow is for egg yolk, a fever's name,
the colour of yellow pages directory.
Yellow is for sun ornaments of gold,
colour of papers that are preserved and old.
Yellow are the mustard fields
also a colour of wisdom and intellect.
Yellow is for charming smiles for youth,
exuberance and cowardice
yellow is for warmth and inspiration
to make people smile is its purpose.

This week, iheartfaces has the theme of yellow!
And like the poem said, I think yellow and I see smiles :)
My picture illustrates the smiles and laughter from Kainen
as he experiences the kiddie pool for the first time.
The first five minutes were filled with jumps and splashes,
a mouth full of water, pure fun.
I was grinning ear to ear, seeing my son enjoy
the water and sun on such a pretty spring day!
The look he has on his face is simply priceless.
It's a smile full of laughter and joy,
and maybe a slight bit of shock from the many splashes in his face (hence the tongue out, lol).


  1. I just wanna jump in there with him! How cute. Need to get one of those for my own backyard!

  2. Oh my. Look at the joy and excitement in his face! Love it!

  3. Totally and completely adorable!!!!!

  4. what a cutie! looks like he's having so much fun!!