Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting to Know You

I recently stumbled upon Keely's blog, and she does a "Getting to Know You" post every Sunday. I decided to jump on the wagon this week. Little did I know it would get some personal on my first Link Up :)

1. Do you have a fetish?
Heehee, wow. Well, there's the feather boa and leather whip.... Well, not really!! I'm really not that kinda girl :) I'm not sure if I have a fetish. Unless you go along the route that I love to do crafts, I have a Mod Podge fetish

2. Do you sing in the shower?
Only if there's music playing. I'm not one to randomly burst into song. " I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! What a glorious fee......Oh, excuse me"

3. Who was your first crush?
Are we counting fiction or nonfiction. Because my first real crush, it wasn't a realistic one...he couldn't be touched :( I mean, he's realistic, just not within reach. Anyways, my first crush (celebrity wise) was Jonathan Brandis. Ahhh, Ladybugs and Sidekicks....those were the times! And then, my school girl crush...his name was Shawn. We were close and good buddies from 1st-4th grade.

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?
Hard Worker, Supportive, Caring...The list could go on. A true gentleman who protects his family :) Sounds like my kinda guy!

5. Do you sleep naked?
In my husband's dreams! The closest I get to naked is without shorts/sleep pants on. That's not for his satisfaction though, it's for my own...because I get super hot under covers.

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
What everyone does, pick a wedgie/adjust my pants. Come on, it's so have to adjust! I sometimes check my teeth too. You never know when you may have that something hanging around, 9 times outta 10, no one will tell you!!

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?
Head onto Facebook and check and write on the Harbor. I bring up two tabs! I'm a multitasker

8. Summer is.....?
exciting, fun. This will be my first summer without that wretched humidity in the South. I can't wait for lazy days at the pool with my boys!


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  3. Oh, I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis too! He was so cute. Love your blog!