Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday
My Top 2 Dates :)

~Definitely the first date between my hubby and I.
We met online and our first date was concocted after a couple of weeks talking via internet and phone. I played it safe and went to a movie first, if it went well and I knew he wasn't a crazy whack job...we'd do dinner afterwards :) Well, we made it to dinner! **Funny story, I tell him all the time that he's lucky...he made it to dinner with me. Haha." Anyways, we stayed at the restaurant until closing time, talking and just staring at each other. The night was full of laughter and smiles. The laughter came in because while we were there, we had two celebrities grace us with their presence. A table of 4 came in, 2 Elvis impersonators and their GoGo dancers. But wait, not even 45 minutes later...in came Michael Jackson! It was crazy. It made the night even more unforgettable. Who knew, almost 4 years later we'd be happily married with a crazy 2 year old!

~The night Jason proposed.
It was a nasty evening, rainy and windy. We originally had a date planned to go Downtown, and we didn't reschedule. We drove around Downtown, watched crazy people on the Streets get drenched by the rain, and by the water that was splashed up from the cars driving by. We rode past in laughter, as we thought to ourselves " If they were drunk, they're definitely sober now from the rude awakening of water to the face!" It was bad, lol. We arrived at The Battery, the wind still blowing and rain falling. We got out and made a run for the Gazebo in the middle of the park. After a few minutes of standing around, looking like fools. He grabbed me, and put me under his jacket. He held me close and proceeded to tell me how he felt about me. The last sentence was a dead giveaway. "I don't want to live without you" He reached into his pocket and knelt down with a ring box in his hand and asked me that famous 4 word phrase...and of course I said yes!!! It was an evening I'll never forget....a dreary night with a happy ending.

There ya have it, my Top 2 Dates. Make sure you head over to Tay's and read what others had to say about their dates...and maybe link up yourself!


  1. Ohhh how I love Charleston (at least I think that's the Battery you're referring to)! What a sweet spot to get engaged!

  2. I would say those totally constitute as amazing dates! Love it!