Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaway Time :)

"It's the perfect accessory for children in the dropping, throwing, losing, or just tossing-for-fun stages."

Introducing, the Clingy Cord, brought to you by CaitiMacCreations :)

I have the experience, as a mother and even as an aunt, in witnessing the drops and throws of items that our children own. Whether it be a sippy cup, a lovey, the pacifier...the Clingy Cord can save you! It has a plastic link that secures to even the smallest of surfaces (ie Belt Loop) and an easy to use sliding knot to secure all those necessities that are strewn about (any size)! The Clingy Cord was designed to keep all the beloved items of our children off the floor and still within hands reach for children. It's GENIUS, I tell you! Thank you for giving us moms that extra hand, because we all know that having to constantly pick up and clean off every toy or cup thrown can be a hassle. Now there's no more need to worry about missing pacis or loveys, they will always be attached!
The owner and designer of CaitiMacCreations has given me an awesome opportunity to share the news and GIVEAWAY a Clingy Cord to one of my followers!! I'm super excited, and I hope you are too! Whether you're a mother, an aunt, a godmother, or just a friend of a mom to be...this is a giveaway for you!

There are lots of ways to Enter!

  • Go to CaitiMacCreations and let me know what product is your favorite :)

  • Also, on the website, watch the video of her son dropping his sippy cup and tell me what color his Clingy Cord is!

  • Leave a comment and let me know that you are a follower of my blog!

  • Become a fan of Clingy Cord on Facebook

  • Follow Clingy Cord on Twitter
That's a total of 5 entries per person!! I'll leave the giveaway post open until Monday 9pm EST. And I'll pick a winner using This way the lucky mom or aunt will have this little helper in her hands in time for Mother's Day!! Good luck :)


  1. I love the clingy cord and the smart zip sleeper. That's a great idea!

  2. Her sons cord is green in the video!

  3. I follow your blog. Why wouldn't I since you're my sister!?!

  4. Since I'm the only ones thats commented so far, does that make me the winner by default?

  5. I follow your blog!!! DUH since I made you create one!

  6. I also blogged about it... does that count? haha

  7. I love the ruffled Diaper Covers! SO cute!

  8. I think this is an awesome idea and I could totally use it! - Shellie

  9. I love the ruffled diaper covers! i think i need one for Izzy

  10. her son's clingy cord is green :)