Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watch Out World!

This here gal just got her a job :) I'm re-entering the work field after almost a 4 year hiatus!! I'm either crazy or just desperate...more or less, I'm just ready to make my own money and help support my family and help kids and parents out there too!! (hence the job) It may not be an average job that everyone gets excited about..but it's a job where I feel comfortable and where I know I'll have fun.
I had the chance today to stop by Stride Rite and fill out an application. I said very little words and had yet to even complete my application, when the manager told me I was hired. I guess it was the magic words " I have 3 years experience here". She was practically giddy over the fact! That made me want to take the job even more. The ladies I met today were super nice and I can't wait to start working. The location of the store reminds me alot of home. It's in a rather large city surrounded by huge houses, and it's a Town Center just like Mt Pleasant. I think, or at least I'm hoping I'll fit in well!
I'm still a little bit nervous about leaving my baby boy, but I know he'll do good with his Nana. It's been so long since I've been at work, but it's definitely a good thing that I'm going some place where I know I'll do good. With having the experience there, there won't be any difficult training to go through...and I get to work with kids all day. What could be better? I'm hoping that I can make new friends out of this too, because the ladies are fantastic. I can't wait to get to know them!
For now, it's still the waiting game for my husband getting a job. He seems to be having a little please pray for him that God will lead him in the right direction! I prayed and He definitely provided. I couldn't be happier with where life is headed now **Well, I would be happier in our own place :)**

Wish me luck :) I start next week!!

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