Sunday, April 25, 2010

Keepin' Busy

With my dog missing, it's hard not to think about him all day and night. I get quite attached to animals way too easily...and I'm really struggling with the fact Davey is out there somewhere!! My husband was kind enough to take me for some retail therapy at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. I'm on a mission to make myself as busy as possibly with tons of craft projects. I don't need my mind wandering to all these awful thoughts about Doodle. I need to think happy thoughts! The fact that I start my new job soon, also helps the situation. I'll have a lot to keep me occupied there, too.
As far as my crafts go, below is the compilation I have of projects! I've already completed one and I'm ready to hop on to the other. I'm kinda nervous about how they may turn it, but it'll be a learning process. I'd love to start my own Etsy shop, those seem pretty popular nowadays. Please, feel free to comment on something if you'd like to own one of projects...I'd be happy to personalize one for you!!

Craft #1- Completed
Make a Monogram plate for the in-laws new place!
(this is actually a picture of our plate...will post one of theirs, too...eventually)

Craft #2-
Alter boxes for storage~ They're actually cigar boxes I got for free from my F-I-L :)

Craft #3-
Make a University Of Kentucky Birdhouse for the hubby, in time for Father's Day
Craft #4
Alter a place mat into a Diaper Clutch~ Because everyone knows I've made my designer purse into a "diaper" bag. This would be handy to have inside, for easy grabbing! *This is what it will look like...hopefully!!*

Maybe I can add some more projects to this, at some point, but for now...this'll do :)
These should definitely keep my mind from wandering, because a lot of thought goes into every craft I do. I can't wait for the finished products!


  1. yeah cute plate. you're very welcome for the idea and the cricut cartridge to create it!