Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Can't Bare it!!

I had everything to be thankful for today, then my world came crumbling down. We took our dog over to my sister in law's house last night to stay temporarily. Where we stay now, we're not allowed to have dogs...and there was no way I was getting rid of Davey, so we had to find him a sitter. Well, everything was going well...he was a little skittish towards her and the boyfriend, but they were kind enough to let him have free roam of the house. Unfortunately, when they went to let their dog in, Davey decided he was a free bird and he shot out. Now, I must say...he is one of those dogs that will run away but he always comes back. I mean, he's a chihuahua and he's got some energy..he loves to run around. We got the text earlier today that he was missing, and this was while we were at the zoo having fun. Immediately, my mood changed. Just last night I had a dream (a nightmare!!!) that Davey got out and got hit by a car. When the news came that he got hit me, please oh please don't let my dream come true.
I'm such an emotional person...especially when it comes to animals. We got Davey as a last ditch effort to save his brother...thinking he was homesick and needed a buddy. Our first dog, Harley died just a couple days after getting him. I was a wreck for days on end. Now, multiply that times a couple years and we're looking at a couple weeks of tears!! What makes it even worse is the fact that I keep having the image in my head of my poor baby lying lifeless on the side of the road. It kills me, absolutely kills me. I witnessed a pup get run over once, I had to check on it and I nearly through myself into a heart attack with the breakdown I had with that. I just can't handle seeing a dog get hit, or hurt etc.
I've had my breakdowns today, I've said my prayers..practically begging God to bring back Doodle (What we call him) safe and sound. I've put a lost ad on craigslist and will most likely, if I can handle the chances of seeing him deceased somewhere, head back to Hamilton (an hour away for us) and put up signs in hopes of getting him found. I miss him terribly and I wish with all my heart that he's been taken in by a stranger and they're showing him much compassion...and we'll receive a phone call tomorrow to come pick him up.

We miss you Davey Doodle, Please come home!!

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