Monday, April 26, 2010

Making it Official!

Today is already looking to be yucky, and really, so have the last couple of days. It has been raining, all day every day, since Friday. **Which again, makes it hard knowing my pup is out there somewhere** We're making the most of our day today and going out on a mission,

Today is the day we make it official (or hoping for it to be), today we come....Buckeyes!! We are heading out in a bit to go fill out some paperwork in hopes of finding a place. We've found the perfect apartment; low rent, big rooms, nestled in the woods, and very quiet neighbors. Now when I say quiet neighbors, I mean deceased. There happens to be a huge graveyard behind the complex AAAHHH! The older gentleman, I mean older, laughed at my husband's joke about "quiet neighbors" & even cracked one himself..."They were just dying to get there!" That made the move there even more critical, we love the leasing manager :) We're also going to open up a bank account here, because both us still have accounts with banks that are 100 miles or more away...that doesn't make it very handy! Then comes the fun part....getting a new license and tags to make us Buckeyes...Yee Haw (enter Southern fun) I'm not looking forward to the new picture that will be placed upon that little card, I happen to LOVE my picture of my SCDL. Oh, and then I'm dreading the Driver's Test...really!! I'm really hoping I don't bomb the test, I may have 8 years of driving experience...but I suck at taking tests! Pray for me...I'm gonna need it.

So there's our day in a nutshell....or in a Buckeye (haha). Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, and make the most out of your day!! I know we are :)

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