Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring is a beautiful time of year, I love the flowers blooming (pollen moving), the waters warming...I just can't get enough. We're closing in on the last couple of days here in South Carolina and probably the last time I'll have such humid beautiful weather. Is that like a oxymoron?!? Because seriously, you can't have beautiful, humid weather. haha I'm realizing now that Ohio is going to be a big change, nothing of what I'm used to. Here in Sc, you see maybe 2 seasons...Summer and Fall. Ya know, really hot weather then it changes to somewhat cool weather. Then there's Ohio, where you see maybe 3 or all of them. I can tell you now, I'm going to be a little bit cautious of this stuff they call "Snow" because where I'm from, there is none. And if there ever is the slight chance of it, people freak out and go crazy like an earthquake is happening.
Anyways, with all this beautiful weather...we've ventured out into the city and gotten our last taste of Charleston. As I mentioned before, I had a list of to do's before we left. So far, we've been to Middleton Place and Downtown. Middleton Place was gorgeous, God's creations just amaze me every day. I just love nature, flowers...grass...the sky, I love it all!! As usual, Downtown was fun. Jason and I even revisited the place where we got engaged (dummy me, didn't even take a picture of the newly remodeled gazebo) It was nice to reminisce <3
It'll be great to look at all the reminders of home with the pictures I have from our outings. I plan on making a collage of the photos I have, but for now it'll be here on my blog for me to come and look back on the good times and places of my home.
Home is truly where my...our story began. I can't wait for the story to continue and I look forward to the next chapter!

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